SPIDER Studio Standard trampoline


Standard trampoline with handle and spider legs.

Maximum weight of usage 120 kg.

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    We have researched and developed to an excellent high-end trampoline to offer exclusively for special JUMPING sports for several years.

    The technical features of our equipment ensure a consistently perfect and healthy jumping technique.


    original professional WORLD JUMPING highspeed trampoline

    Trampoline for group exercise consists of a closed octagon-shaped steel frame. Its unusual shape reminds of “spider legs” that provides the trampoline provides better stability and allows for stacking. A height-adjustable stand with hand rail is attached to the front side of the frame by removable screw joint. Jumping mat _ is attached to the frame by a suspension element – rubber belt. Special rubber belt with high extensibility ensures dynamic and smooth movement. Trampolines are designed for use in fitness centers, hotel centers and wellness centers, schools and home use.


    >>  German engineering
    >>  German quality-standards
    >>  We produce in the EU
    >>  Certified brand quality





    Black, Grey, Light blue, Lila, Orange, Purple, Yellow


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